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Top performance thanks to specifically developed sports trousers

For the production of Ryzon sports trousers, we bring together high-tech processing and selected materials to subtly incorporate a particularly high level of performance into each pair of training trousers. Breathable fabrics guarantee unrestricted air circulation in shorts, tights, and long jogging trousers and reliably transport moisture to the outside. Our selected materials are processed for a precise fit, so that they fit perfectly, hold, feel like a second skin and barely noticeably envelop you.
Whether you choose the extra-thin fabric or a fleece lining, your freedom of movement remains unrestricted and your performance is skilfully supported in any case.

If required, reflective details, pockets, special cuffs, or integrated inner pants provide additional functionality.

At a glance

  • Unlimited freedom of movement for every type of sport
  • Professional, high-tech processing in Europe
  • Breathable, lightweight materials with effective moisture transport

Running trousers for every weather and season

Your legs need to demonstrate great and consistent performance when running and cycling. That's why we provide you with the right pants for every sport and every weather. Whether you're looking for training pants for jogging in winter, or for extensive stretching exercises in the gym, the Ryzon sports pants selection caters to your every need.

We'll kit you out with subtly compressive stretch tights, lined jogging bottoms, or lightweight shorts for any sport in any season. You can choose between a precise fit or a unisex cut, as well as between different high-quality and sustainably produced materials that wrap your legs in a luxurious feel or allow extra freedom and air circulation. We also offer sports jackets to match our sports trousers. And for the cool water: we also have swimming trousers in our range.


+ Which training pants do I choose for running?

Which pair of running tights suits you best depends on you and your running habits. If you prefer light support and a tight fit, our tights will accompany you perfectly without constricting you. If you prefer more air circulation and a looser fit, you might like our lightweight sweatpants. Shorts are great for training in the summer or in warm indoor environments. All of our training trousers are made from breathable material that perfectly controls your moisture balance and protects you from sweat.

+ What is your high-tech processing reflected in?

Our materials are already very light and perfectly adapted to different environmental conditions. Depending on your needs, they insulate, protect, support and ventilate your legs. Precise fabrication perfects the functionality of the trousers, with taped or subtly incorporated extra-flat seams that support your flexibility during training.

+ How do your trousers help me with temperature management?

Our long jogging trousers or thermal tights keep you warm with lightweight fleece, while our shorts take you through the summer. Laserholes and fabrics with high breathability support your body temperature according to your needs.

All Ryzon sports trousers are made from perspiration-absorbing materials that transport moisture from the inside to the outside and protect you from moisture from the outside.