We are athletes and our shared passion for sport is what drives us. In Cologne, each of our products is developed by us down to the smallest detail, manufactured in close cooperation with producers from Europe and then tested by us. All this so that high-quality products and innovative technologies allow you to focus fully on the here and now.

However, if one of your RYZON products is defective or has defects, we offer you our repair service. Often the whole product does not have to be replaced, but can be repaired by us. This way we save resources together and ensure more sustainability in sports.


  1. To return a product for repair, please complete the repair form below.
  2. After successful inspection, we send you a shipping label and you send us your freshly washed product.
  3. We check the condition of your product.
  4. Your product will be repaired by us on site or in Portugal at the producer's premises.
  5. After a successful repair, we will send your product back to you free of charge.

+ Which products are covered by the repair service?

The repair service also applies to products that are not covered by the 30-day return policy.
Unfortunately, we cannot repair the following products: socks, caps, hats, neck tubes, scarves, arm warmers, leg warmers, knee warmers, overshoes

+ What costs will I incur?

If it is a product defect, we will of course cover the cost of the repair. If it is your own fault, the costs will usually be between €10 and €20.

+ Duration of the repair

As soon as we receive your goods, we will inform you about the exact duration. As a rule, we need 2-4 weeks to process your repair. Please note that the delivery time to and from our office is not included in the repair time.

+ I am unsure if my item can be repaired

Our quality promise applies to all our products. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of one of your items, please fill out our repair form. If an item is no longer repairable, we will of course try to find another solution!

+ Crash Replacement

In case of accidents or heavy falls, your RYZON product can be damaged, so that the functionality is impaired. With our Crash Replacement we offer you a service where your damaged RYZON product can be replaced at discounted conditions.

Please describe briefly and precisely in the message field of the Repair Service Form the process that led to the damage. We need this information as a reference point for the inspection of your defective product. Our Repair Service Team will then discuss the next steps with you.