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Specially designed materials for sporting success in the water

When it comes to the small but important garment for water sports, you shouldn't compromise. Ryzon swim sh orts feature either compressive or highly compressive fabrics that cling to your body like a second skin and provide optimal support. They absorb extremely little water and guarantee a perfect fit and comfort. Both briefs and shorts fit close to the body without constricting you. You won't feel the taped seams in our swim shorts, while our briefs give you even more legroom.

The waistband and seams are sewn to the highest comfort standards, and the fine craftsmanship of our high-quality materials with recycled content gives the plain swim shorts a unique and luxurious feel against the skin. We use chlorine resistant materials which also neutralize unwanted pathogens in all types of water with antibacterial properties.

At a glance

  • Compressive fabrics for perfect fit underwater
  • Finely processed materials with minimal water absorption
  • OEKO-TEX® Standards made in Portugal

Professional swimming shorts for fresh, salt, and chlorinated water

Sports in the water naturally require different features than on land. For a good performance in swimming, the perfect fit of your swimming shorts is essential to counteract water pressure and density. This is true for competition as well as for leisure. That's why we've designed the fits of our briefs and shorts to hold you extremely securely, stabilize you and still feel pleasantly light against your skin.

Depending on whether you're swimming in the lake, the indoor pool, or the sea, you can rely on the chlorine-resistant or even antibacterial properties of our fabrics.


How do you make sure that the seams don't pinch when swimming?

With our shorts, taped seams ensure that the soft fabric lies directly against your skin -- without any pressure points. Our briefs are also designed for maximum comfort and functionality, which is why the seams feel as soft and elastic as the rest of the swim shorts. Minimized water absorption means the seams won't change their pressure underwater.

+ How can I avoid unpleasant odors in the fabric?

Since swim shorts are wet for long periods of time and frequently switch between wet and semi-dry, we rely on antibacterial properties in the fabric that additionally fights odors -- even in less hygienic waters.

+ How can my swimming shorts contribute to my performance in Triathlon ?

The best way for your swim shorts to support your performance is to not feel them at all. That's why comfort is our top priority. We achieve this with an optimal fit and high-quality materials that absorb as little water as possible. At the same time, we attach great importance to a professional look and give you the choice between print or plain shorts.