Are you like us - always on the move? Sitting still, standing still - just not your thing?  We can feel that! That's why at RYZON you'll find sportswear that's made just for you and helps you to keep improving yourself.

Sportswear from Ryzon

Do you want to get out into the fresh air, get into the water, get on your bike and enjoy the feeling of pushing your body to its limits again and again? Sport is more than just physical exercise--it's an attitude to life that we share with you. That's why we at RYZON have developed sportswear for a wide range of disciplines; by athletes for athletes -- for you. Three aspects are central to us: functionality is, of course, at the forefront. We don't add unnecessary frills, but instead concentrate on perfectly thought-out, material compositions that meet different training and weather conditions, as well as smart features that are really important for you and your training. We also place great value on timeless, minimalist design. We are not into bold logo prints and bright neon colors, but prefer subtlety and understatement. We think it's the best way to drive, run, or swim. But that's not all!


Sports jackets

The Ryzon running jackets are ultra-light and weatherproof. You can hardly feel them, yet they protect you from rain, wind, and cold.

Sports pants

In different lengths and made for your performance. Our running trousers have as few friction points as possible.


A real statement for performance. The running caps from Ryzon are a sporty companion by your side, be it for leisure or competition.

One piece

A Triathlon, one-piece suit supports you with an optimal fit and innovative material for swimming, cycling, and running on all distances. Whether for leisure, training or Ironman, with the perfect trisuit, you will always be in your element.


Triathlon equipment helps you achieve your goals in swimming, cycling, and running. Find everything you need for your passion in our Triathlon shop. Find the equipment that suits you.

Cycling jackets

Our cycling jackets offer protection in all weather conditions. High-tech materials and an ergonomic fit ensure more fun on the track.

Step by step, towards sustainable sportswear

Sportswear from RYZON should not only work for those who wear it, but for everyone, without exception, who contributes to its production. That's why we are always striving for the next stage in sustainability -- always with the goal in mind, even if the path is naturally a long one and full of challenges. But as we know, we at RYZON love the latter very much and are therefore happy to have already achieved quite a lot. For example, we rely on the use of recycled synthetic fibers and, in the case of natural fibers, on those with Oeko-Tex certification. When it comes to dyeing, we are also experimenting with sustainable methods, such as dyeing using waste coffee beans. We also keep an eye on the origin of our materials: we maintain close contact with our production sites in Europe and Asia. We can already claim a major success for ourselves this year: RYZON goes climate neutral! The emissions of our company are recorded, reduced for the future, and offset retroactively with certified climate protection projects.

Fun in the wet

New in our range is sportswear for swim training -- after all, the requirements for textiles for sunbathing and swimming differ somewhat. Of course, the look should be right, but beautiful tan lines alone do not meet the demands of ambitious swimmers. Swim outfits, swim trunks, and shorts should not only have a perfect fit and thus minimize water resistance, they should also be made of fast-drying materials so that your body doesn't cool down after a training session.

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You're on!

Running is always possible, at any time of the day or year. But even though you can always go for a run, you need running clothes that work in any weather. After all, it could be pouring rain tomorrow though the sun is still blazing today (make sure you have UV protection!). The trick is breathability and layering: our running trousers, running jackets, shirts, shorts, and beanies can be easily layered as needed to keep you dry, warm, or cool. They are also aerodynamic and offer light compression.


Textile pacesetters

You can take your bike training to the next level with the right clothing because the higher your speed, the greater the air resistance. So that you glide through the headwind like an eel, your cycling clothes should fit seamlessly to your body. Of course, our cycling jackets, cycling shorts, socks, caps, and gloves not only score with a perfect aerodynamic fit, but also impress with their breathability and very small pack size.


What distinguishes good sportswear?

Good sportswear shouldn't compete for a place on your podium, but should pave your way there. This means that not everything that screams "sport" is highly functional in reality. Breathability, compression, and aerodynamics are three important factors when it comes to optimal equipment for your daily training. But aspects like UV protection should also play a role when buying! If these criteria are met, good design and, above all, fair production should also play a role in the decision to buy.

Why do you also use materials from Asia for your sportswear?

Certain materials for sportswear can only be produced in Asia - so we occasionally source them from there. If the processing of a material produced and certified in Asia guarantees a long-lasting quality for the product -- unlike a comparable, non-certified item from Europe -- then we decide to import it.

Durability or sustainability - which is more important for sportswear?

We always weigh the pros and cons. For example, when it comes to impregnation. Here, the sustainable, natural finishes are often not as durable as the conventional, chemical treatment, which is not as environmentally-friendly compared, but much more durable. For us, the durability of products is also part of the sustainability aspect. Because the best consumption is no consumption!

At a glance

  • Combines highest demands on material and fit with modern-minimalist design

  • Can be used for different sports and adapted to a wide range of weather conditions through layering

  • is not only designed to be sustainable, but also produced to be durable