Triathlon One piece suit for ladies & men

A Triathlon, one-piece suit supports you with an optimal fit and innovative material for swimming, cycling, and running on all distances. Whether for leisure, training or Ironman, with the perfect trisuit, you will always be in your element.

Triathlon One-piece from Ryzon

Triathlon - that's not just swimming, cycling and running. It's you, in tune with the elements. Your thoughts focused, your breath in rhythm, your goal and the way to get there in front of your eyes. You create a unique moment, your story - and the right Triathlon suit supports you.

A suit that you sweat in or that chafes your skin will take you out of rhythm. The Triathlon one-piece suits from Ryzon are breathable, offer UV protection and a high level of comfort. Nothing pinches or chafes, your body temperature is perfectly regulated. Thanks to the innovative coldblack® technology, the Triathlon suit of our Myth series stays cool even in dark color combinations despite sunlight. In addition, the series convinces with aerodynamic material on the shoulders, with which you lie perfectly in the wind on the bike. The Signature Suits offer with important innovations of the Myth Suit also high wearing comfort and breathability at an affordable price.

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The perfect Triathlon one-piece for you

Is your Triathlon journey just beginning or are you about to embark on the Ironman adventure? No matter where you are, the right Triathlon suit accompanies you on your mission. The advantages are obvious: you can wear the one-piece suit for swimming, running, and cycling without losing time changing in between. Whether for training or competitions, for middle or long distances, the sophisticated features of the Triathlon, one-piece suit by Ryzon ensure that you will never lose sight of your goal. The comfortable seat pad allows you to endure long cycling distances without getting in the way when swimming or running. In the wide back pocket, you can easily carry provisions for long distances on your body.

In one point, however, short distances are particularly close to our hearts, which is why we have all our Triathlon suits produced in Europe in Portugal. In addition, the trisuits are REACH-compliant and bear the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label.


At a glance

  • Breathable material with UV protection thanks to coldblack® technology
  • Perfect fit that provides compression and prevents friction
  • Improved aerodynamics for more speed

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An uncompromising, all-rounder in the air and in the water

No one wants to lose time changing in a race. And why should you buy different outfits when you can find everything you need in one triathlon suit?

Our one-piece suits combine everything you need for your workout. A close-fitting, dynamic-compressive cut supports you without constricting you. Maximum freedom of movement is guaranteed so that your strengths can unfold uninterrupted.

Your second skin offers you effective protection from UV rays and, thanks to hydrodynamic properties, glides perfectly through the water while absorbing extremely little water. With taped seams and a flexible zipper with Camlock Slide mechanism, you can look forward to maximum comfort during training. In addition, reinforced side panels prevent chafing, even during long workouts, so you can focus on your best times without distractions.


Triathlon suit for men and women

Almost all of our suits are unisex products. We've just added the first women's one-piece to our range. This Signature Tri Sleeve Suit has a women-specific form-fit  and supports your performance with dynamic compression. We've taken the highly-functional features of our other suits and added a twist that gives triathletes speed and stability.

Whether you are a professional who constantly competes with others or you like to prove your endurance at Triathlon, sooner or later, there is no way around a triathlon suit. The cleverly designed, one-piece suit manages to combine all features that you need in the water, on the bike, and while running. You can go from one discipline to the next without a break while your Triathlon suit lets you rush through all the elements without heat, sun rays, wetness, or friction getting in your way. Maximum comfort is and remains our motto, which we of course adhere to despite numerous additional features.

  • Aero- and hydrodynamic materials for perfect conditions on land and in the water
  • Form-fit with targeted compression
  • Competition-friendly closures, seams, and pockets




Triathlon combines three sports: swimming, cycling, and running. Normally, you would have to change for each of these disciplines. A trisuit, however, is designed in such a way that you can wear it during the entire triathlon without wasting time changing. So you can concentrate on what's important: the harmony between you and your body.


Our trisuits are ideal for swimming, even without a wetsuit. The material only absorbs a little water and therefore does not weigh you down. However, sometimes swimming in open waters requires a wetsuit. You can easily put this on over the thin and tight-fitting Triathlon suit.


Out of the water, onto the bike saddle, and then into the running shoes. Therefore, a Triathlon suit has to meet different requirements to help you progress in each of the three sports. For running, as for cycling, it is particularly important that the Triathlon suit is breathable. For running, there is also a zipper at the chest that you can open while running to take full advantage of your breath. The highlight of a trisuit from Ryzon: the zipper can be fixed in half, so that you can close it completely again quickly and easily.