Category: Cycling Gloves

Protection and support for full concentration on your track

Good cycling gloves improve the grip of your hands on the handlebars while maintaining agility, precision, and a super comfortable feeling. With durable, synthetic leather inserts on handlebars and brakes, they make your ride that little bit safer.

At the same time, they protect your hands from cold wind, and rain, as well as dirt and other unforeseen environmental influences. We use extremely durable, Windtex Superroubaix material that protects and warms you at the same time.

Thanks to the elastic hand cuff, cold wind doesn't make it into your sleeves, but stays outside while your body stays warm.

At a glance

  • wind- and water-repellent, robust material
  • comfortable, tight fit
  • optimal hold thanks to imitation leather patches

Warm, dry hands in all seasons and weather conditions

When the temperatures get cooler, but you don't want to give up cycling, you have to wrap up warm to be protected from cold and rain. Of course, you can also use our cycling cap and cycling jacket. Your hands should not be missing either, as they are the first to feel the icy wind. Ryzon cycling gloves with wind- and water-repellent Windtex material will keep your fingers dry and warm while you are riding your bike to top performance.

Thanks to a close fit and soft material, the cycling gloves sit comfortably and lightly on your hands. Targeted, roughened, synthetic leather inserts provide grip in the most important places so that you can ride as safely as possible and act fast and precisely.

Made in Europe with selected materials, our gloves are guaranteed to meet all your needs, whether you are riding a mountain bike, a road bike, or a Fixie bike.


+ Why do I need gloves when cycling?

On the one hand, cycling gloves protect you from cold air and rain and on the other, they improve your grip on the handlebar with patches that are specifically placed at the contact points. This way, you can ride your bike better protected without compromising on freedom of movement, precision, and agility.

+ How do you guarantee weather resistance?

Our cycling gloves are made from super durable Windtex Superroubaix, which not only protects effectively, but also regulates the temperature and feels soft and pleasant on the skin. The most stressed areas are reinforced with synthetic leather, which, on the one hand, provides even more stability and on the other supports your firm grip.

+ Under which conditions are cycling gloves indispensable?

Winter and wet weather can  be particularly unpleasant because cold, wet hands are hard to ride with. However, cycling gloves can also strengthen your grip on the handlebars while also protecting and warmign your hands so that you can better focus on your tour.