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Our cycling jackets offer protection in all weather conditions -- with the right bike jackets you are optimally equipped for all your rides. High-tech materials and an ergonomic fit ensure more fun on the trail.

Bike jackets that score with functionality and fit

Cycling is not just something for fair-weather athletes. We also like to get in the saddle in adverse weather conditions -- the right equipment makes it possible. Cycling jackets from RYZON keep you dry and warm -- or cool, depending on your needs.

We have everything from lightweight wind waistcoats to water-repellent winter cycling jackets with merino fabric for your all-weather rides. All our cycling jackets come with an improved, ergonomic fit. The comfortable, yet body-hugging, cut of the bike jackets prevents fluttering and thus offers the wind as few points of attack as possible. The bike jackets are made in Italy from fabrics that are sustainably produced in the EU or Japan.

At a glance

  • Ergonomic, close-fitting design that provides reliable support while minimizing drag

  • protect against rain, wind, and temperature differences

  • REACH-compliant and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified

The right cycling jacket for every season

For cycling tours in cool temperatures, we recommend a wind- and waterproof Thermal Bike Jacket from RYZON. It combines a polyamide softshell on the outside with fine self-warming yarn on the inside. By using mulesing-free merino inserts, it offers extra protection on cold days. Our Lightshell Jackets for men and women are wafer-thin, yet windproof and also breathable thanks to laserholes. What's more, their extremely small pack size makes them easy to stow away -- the perfect choice for spring rides. If you like it even lighter, you can also opt for a bike waistcoat. Cycling jackets with reflective outer material offer additional safety when riding at dusk.



Triathlon combines three sports: swimming, cycling, and running. Normally, you would have to change for each of these disciplines. A trisuit, however, is designed in such a way that you can wear it during the entire triathlon without wasting time changing. So you can concentrate on what's important: the harmony between you and your body.


Our trisuits are ideal for swimming, even without a wetsuit. The material only absorbs a little water and therefore does not weigh you down. However, sometimes swimming in open waters requires a wetsuit. You can easily put this on over the thin and tight-fitting Triathlon suit.


Out of the water, onto the bike saddle, and then into the running shoes. Therefore, a Triathlon suit has to meet different requirements to help you progress in each of the three sports. For running, as for cycling, it is particularly important that the Triathlon suit is breathable. For running, there is also a zipper at the chest that you can open while running to take full advantage of your breath. The highlight of a trisuit from Ryzon: the zipper can be fixed in half, so that you can close it completely again quickly and easily.