Be honest. Are you a good fit?

In our young company, many things work differently from what you might know from a classic employment relationship. That means:

  • We are passionate about all kinds of sports, especially endurance sports. But a basketball or football match are also welcome meeting alternatives. And we love being out in nature. Always. At any time of day and in any weather.
  • We are a wild, agile company. Speed and experimentation come before structure and forecasts. Exactly -- sometimes it's chaotic. We love to make mistakes because then we get better faster. 
  • It is part of our DNA to always be on the move. This is not the responsibility of selected individuals, but of the community in which each individual is ignited for the cause.
  • You are really important for the progress of our company. You don't just come to work. You will have a lot of responsibility and you can't hide, like in a big company.
  • You have to be proactive and show initiative if you want to make a difference. Innovative ideas don't happen on their own. No one will ask you to tackle an issue.  
  • You can't expect the service, support, and infrastructure of a big company. Know a smarter solution, a better tool, or how to make the process run smoother? Go for it.
  • The founders will work with you, but they will not manage anyone. That's your job and the job of your colleagues. We are self-organized and entrepreneurial. 
  • If status, titles, and power are important to you, you won't be happy here.

We all have different demands on our working environment. After all, we spend a large part of our lives in it. It's worth getting clear about your needs -- what do you want from your future workplace? Think about it: do you fit in with us?