The Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit

The Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit

Jan Frodeno succeeded on 12 October 2019. On this date, he not only won one of the most demanding endurance competitions in the world, but also became the first German ever to win the Ironman World Championships for the third time. And, incidentally, set a new course record: 7 hours, 51 minutes and 13 seconds.

Behind this historic moment is a year and a half of research and development so that Jan Frodeno could face the challenges in Hawaii in the best possible way. Together with the new record holder, we have developed a race suit that allows triathletes to fully concentrate on their performance -- even in temperatures far above 30 degrees Celsius. The Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit.


"The suit was a key component to me being able to manage the temperature in Hawaii." -Jan Frodeno

The Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit

During the 18 months of development, we worked closely with Jan to use his valuable feedback to create a suit that could withstand the immense challenges of the Ironman in Hawaii. With Jan as an athlete -- and a perfectionist -- we optimized the triathlon suit down to the last seam. We carefully considered every last wrinkle.

The Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit revamps our award-winning Myth Aero Sleeve Tri Race Suit. Its main fabric, with ideal aero and hydrodynamic properties, forms the foundation for the further development of the Verge Suit.

We extended the aerodynamic fabric on the arms and shoulders of the torso for this innovative suit. Microscopic bumps in the main fabric, which resemble the grip of sandpaper, reduce air and water resistance here. The test in the wind tunnel showed that the resistance values could be reduced even further as a result.

The dark coloring of the Verge Suit is not only a deliberate design feature, but also represents another innovation of the suit - the Coldblack® coating means that the suit in dark shades provides ideal thermal regulation even under extreme sunlight. The so-called evaporative cooling leads to a demonstrable physical cooling effect.

Graphene Gridflow Technology (G.G.T.)

Again and again, new solutions are being developed to help athletes' bodies regulate their temperature. Especially in climatic conditions like those in Hawaii, heat is one of the main factors that affect the body's performance. Our answer to this is Graphene Gridflow Technology (G.G.T.), which was used for the first time in the Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit. It forms the backbone for optimal temperature regulation. The secret: with the help of Graphene Plus (G+®) -- a revolutionary material -- the body heat is distributed over a large area.

Graphene Plus is a two-dimensional carbon obtained from graphite. In the clothing industry, the colorless graphene is printed onto a lining using a special process and implemented in the actual material. Graphene has a particularly high electrical conductivity, is enormously tear-resistant (around 125 times stronger than steel), and flexible. At the same time, the material is ultra-light.

For triathletes, the conductivity of Graphene Plus proves to be a real superpower. By using this effect, cold is conducted to selected parts of the body during the race when ice or water is used. In combination with the Advanced Compartment System, our pocket management system, the Graphene printed on the interior of the suit counteracts overheating during the race and enables targeted and fast temperature regulation of the most important body areas.

Together with the Italian Graphene Laboratory, we are able to use only certified Graphene Plus for our fabrics. In the production of Graphene Plus, unlike conventional extraction, each gram of graphite is directly converted into one gram of Graphene Plus through a waste-free process. This process is based on complete physical processing without the use of chemicals or solvents. Graphene Plus is thus certified as absolutely safe, skin-friendly, non-toxic, and non-cytotoxic.

Advanced Compartment System

The double pocket system is another important innovation of this highly technical suit. It contributes to the optimal regulation of body temperature. On the chest, there is an inner pocket consisting of two chambers. The upper section offers space for drink pouches. Wet sponges or ice are stowed directly underneath. This not only keeps the drinks cold, but also directly cools the chest area. Thanks to the Graphene conduction system, a temperature regulation of the entire torso takes place, up to the main veins of the groin as well as the thighs. This balanced cooling supports optimal thermoregulation even under extreme conditions.

More than a piece of fabric -- a piece of history

With the Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit, we proudly claim to have reached a technical milestone that allows athletes to focus solely on their performance in the race. Worries about increased temperatures or aerodynamic optimization are now a thing of the past. Innovative solutions such as the Graphene Gridflow Technology, aero fabrics or the Coldblack® equipment, make the Verge Suit an unprecedented weapon in the fight against the extreme challenges of a race. A revolutionary Triathlon suit. The Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit is nothing less than a piece of Triathlon history.


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