Polartec® Power Wool™ // Symbiosis of nature and technology

Polartec® Power Wool™ // Symbiosis of nature and technology

United in the philosophy of developing unique products for special requirements. Creating ideas together that allow us to break new ground. Polartec X Ryzon: a collaboration that redefines sportswear and triathlon apparel through revolutionary materials, unique design and cutting-edge technology.

Polartec X Ryzon

Outstanding fabrics and fibers

The basis of the cooperation between Ryzon and Polartec lies in the same aspiration of both companies - to produce exceptional performance apparel. Polartec is known as a leading material manufacturer for the remarkable quality of its products. The American company convinces with its variety of functional fabrics, which are specially designed for any sporting challenge or weather conditions. By specializing in combining a wide variety of fibers, Polartec now has an impressive range of targeted functional clothing. Original properties of nature are extended with artificial fibers and thus achieve a maximum of function.

Another special feature of the company lies in the standards it has set itself. Their mission is to produce the highest quality functional textiles while reducing harmful emissions. These include, among other things, strict requirements of water filtration and waste disposal. Polartec thus manages to meet or even exceed all the guidelines of the prescribed standards.


Ryzon Polartech Midlayer Funktionsshirt Langarm innovativ

Polartec® Power Wool®

The innovative Power Wool manufactured by Polartec was used for the Ritual Thermal Midlayer. The Power Wool combines all the properties that keep you warm and dry on cold days. The fabric used consists of a two-component knit construction, which combines the high-quality merino wool and polyester. This creates two different surfaces.

The main task of the inner side consisting of merino wool is to transport the moisture produced by the skin in the form of water vapor to the outside. Once the sweat reaches the outside, it spreads over a large area and dries, preventing a clammy feeling on the skin from the outset. The coarse structure of the wool fiber and the arrangement as a grid structure create open air channels that create a warming microclimate.

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