Product developer
I work in the product team together with my colleagues on the development, realization and optimization of our product range. Transparency in our supply chain is also important to me, which is why I am committed to sharing more and more detailed information about the origin and certification of our products.

My way to RYZON

In 2020, I was looking for a new job in which I could work alongside my Master. I came across Markus (one of the three founders of ) by chance. After a few funny conversations (aka job interviews), I started working in the product team.

That's why I like being part of the tribe

We are somehow all lateral thinkers - each one different in his or her own way and absolutely lovable. We enjoy incredible freedom in our daily work, which is absolutely motivating and allows us to develop.

My moment in sport

With any kind of sporting activity, I love how the head clears and the movement allows you to think clearly again and get new ideas.

That's what inspires me besides work

I like to deal with the topic of sustainability not only at work, but also in my private life. A key topic for me is mindfulness. To be mindful of myself and my environment, I love doing yoga. Balancing body and mind is not always easy, but with regular yoga sessions I always manage to find a balance within myself.

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