Triathlon Clothing

Three disciplines, one passion: Triathlon is a sport like no other. It not only brings you into contact with nature and its elements, but also pushes you to your limits. Whether it's running, swimming, or cycling, at RYZON you'll find everything you need to get the most out of your training.

Triathlon clothing from Ryzon

Triathlon training is as demanding as it is varied. This unique combination of swimming, cycling, and running is not only a challenge for your body, but also for your equipment. That's why we at RYZON are constantly working on developing the perfect equipment for you and your needs. The focus is on innovative materials that not only meet the different requirements, but also offer an optimal fit. We not only place great value on functionality, but also on design and sustainability so that you not only perform well and look good doing it, but also conserve resources during sports. That's why Triathlon clothing from RYZON meets the professional requirements for swimming, cycling, and running, and we also produce as much as possible from recycled materials in Europe.

The right suit for you

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One piece

A Triathlon, one-piece suit supports you with an optimal fit and innovative material for swimming, cycling, and running on all distances. Whether for leisure, training or Ironman, with the perfect trisuit, you will always be in your element.


Triathlon equipment helps you achieve your goals in swimming, cycling, and running. Find everything you need for your passion in our Triathlon shop. Find the equipment that suits you.

Running shorts

Our 2in1 running shorts are designed for both casual and intense running sessions. An elastic, barely noticeable inner short protects against chafing. The extra-light overtrousers with laserholes ensure ideal temperature regulation.

Washed with all waters

When you swim, your body's strength meets the resistance of the water. This protects your joints, strengthens your endurance, and strengthens your muscles. For training sessions in the water, all you need is a swim outfit, swimming trunks, or shorts. All these items should not only be breathable and quick-drying, but also have integrated UV protection because during outdoor activities, the harmful rays also reach your skin under water.

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The joy of running in all weathers

Could it rain or snow today? So that you can train in any weather, we have developed running gear for a wide range of weather conditions. Our trousers, jackets, shirts, shorts, and beanies keep you warm or cool depending on your needs and protect you from rain and wind. Layering allows you to customize your outfit. Light compression provides additional support, while intricately taped seams prevent chafing. Our running wear also scores with clever details such as integrated pockets.


Free travel on all routes

Your cycling clothes should fit like a second skin, minimizing unnecessary friction and additional air resistance -- a difference you will feel immediately on every cycling lap. To keep your body temperature in perfect balance, your cycling clothes should also be breathable and transport moisture to the outer layer as quickly as possible. That way, you won't cool down even when it gets hot. In addition, our cycling jackets, cycling shorts, socks, caps, and gloves are weatherproof on request and particularly easy to stow away thanks to their extra-small packing size. So, you're prepared for all eventualities on the trail.


Sometimes less is not more, but it's just right: for your Triathlon sessions, you can simply opt for a practical, one-piece suit - without sacrificing the advantages that are relevant for you and your training success. Our trisuits are suitable for sessions on land, on the bike, or in the water. They combine high comfort and breathability with UV protection. Thanks to their innovative coldblack® technology, they keep you pleasantly cool even in dark color combinations under the sun's rays. They also dry very quickly after use in the water. Aerodynamic inserts in the shoulder area reduce drag on the bike and a generous back pocket offers storage space not only for keys and smartphone, but also for basic provisions on longer routes.


At a glance

  • is tailored to the high demands of professional triathletes

  • Combines a perfect fit with innovative materials and contemporary design

  • is mainly produced in Europe, is REACH-compliant and meets STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

+ What does a Triathlon starter kit look like?

The good news first: if you want to try out Triathlon training for the first time, you can start by using equipment that you probably already own. For running, a pair of tights, a shirt, socks, and running shoes are sufficient (you can then also get on your bike with these items). For swimming, ordinary swimwear will also do. If you start tasting blood - which we assume you will - equipment tailored to the demands of Triathlon training will help you to maximize your success.

What should I look for when buying Triathlon clothing?

It's all in the seat... Your equipment should fit perfectly so that you don't chafe during long sessions or waste energy unnecessarily due to too much air or water resistance. In addition to a fit that is optimally tailored to your physique, the materials and their properties are, of course, also extremely important. You don't want your body to overheat or freeze, which also costs energy that you then lack in training. And let's be honest: it doesn't hurt if the look is right. Because then you feel good and look good.

+ Why are your Triathlon clothes mainly produced in Europe?

We like to take responsibility -- not only for your training success, but also for people and the environment. Short supply chains help to minimize CO2 emissions, and we can also guarantee the highest quality standards through our production. Our employees get a decent wage and have better living conditions as a result. In our opinion, you can see and feel that in every piece.