Disclaimer Van Tour Rides

Disclaimer & Rules

1. do not ride without a helmet
Wearing a cycle helmet is a prerequisite for participation in the rides.

2. at your own risk
Participation in the bike rides is at your own risk.

3. observe the traffic regulations (STVO)
You should observe the traffic regulations (StVO) at all times.

4. ridingin single file
If the lane is wide enough, a maximum of two bikes may ride side by side on the road.

5. ride on the far right
Cyclists must always ride as far to the right as possible -- on the hard shoulder if available.

6. right of way for all
If cyclists are travelling as a group, they are treated as one vehicle for the purposes of right of way.

7. pay attention to and follow hand signals
The guide's announcements and hand signals should always be followed.

8. useful items
Spare inner tube, money and mobile phone should be carried during the ride.



Data protection for photo and video recordings at events

Film and sound recordings as well as photos will be taken at the event, and you agree to their subsequent use by attending the event.