Performance Marketing Manager
I help to raise awareness of the RYZON brand through online marketing. I want to show you who we are, what makes us a brand and inspire you about us.

My way to RYZON

I started as a student trainee at RYZON and initially looked after the product maintenance of our online shop. As the online marketing area in the company grew, I moved further and further in this direction and finally ended up there completely.

That's why I like being part of the tribe

I love the relaxed and fun atmosphere at RYZON and the opportunity to combine sport with work.

My moment in sport

The coffee break during a long bike ride.

That's what inspires me besides work

My family and friends, my home, the Sauerland and sport. I love racing bike rides in good weather, I'm learning to crawl at the moment, but my favorite thing to do is my morning runs along the Rhine. I like it best in good weather, when the sun is rising and the day is still quite calm.

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