Product Manager
I help Ryzon with product creation, procurement and order processing of non-apparel products. I also take care of local production and logistics when it comes to implementing your individual customer wishes in the form of a print.

My way to RYZON

As part of my previous school education to become a product manager for fashion design and clothing, I was looking for a compulsory internship in the sportswear sector and came across Ryzon . After the internship, I was hired as a working student in August 2018 and am still a part of the Tribe today.

That's why I like being part of the tribe

At Ryzon, you get a lot of responsibility early on, even as a working student. This means you learn a lot in a very short time and know how to deal with challenges. I also find it nice that the interpersonal atmosphere at Ryzon is right and that people enjoy going to work.

My moment in sport

I like doing sport in a group. That way you can motivate each other and achieve success together. I also love loud music during sports that you can sing along with.

That's what inspires me besides work

Besides work, I like to meet up with friends. Of course, the right way to cool down is not to be missed: What could be better than homemade cocktails? I especially enjoy trying out new cocktails, but you can't go wrong with classics like the Mojito or the Basil Smash.

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