Copy of United in Humanity

 The moment is now. The moment to give meaning to the word solidarity. We initiated the United in Humanity project for this purpose. The goal is to help people who are currently in need of help. So let us help together. Let us rise together. As a community and as human beings.

 In these days we realize how fragile our society is. In a time where technology & technological progress exceed everything that was imaginable a decade ago, we feel that something bigger is uniting us. Something that each of us is carrying deep within us. We experience that we are able to help each other in a world without borders.

We now have the chance to show what we can achieve as a community. The chance to experience ourselves and our society in a new perspective. To experience how valuable freedom really is. And what it means to be there for each other. We have the chance to realize what is given to us every day anew.

Have you started a project helping others within your community?  Please send your story to us at and explain your project to us.  We at Ryzon would love to help support a great cause.