United in Humanity Face Mask Bundle / 3

25 € incl. VAT

With this we have the chance to show what a strong community is capable of.

What it means to stick together in difficult times. To learn what we can achieve together if we are mindful. With ourselves and our environment.
Let us make history as those who show what solidarity means.
Let us be the ones who remain optimistic. Let us be those who show full confidence in humanity and give meaning to the word solidarity.

Together we can achieve more! By purchasing this product you support our United In Humanity Project with 10 € to help where help is needed.

We use our production capacities to produce reusable masks at cost price + the donation for the United In Humanity Project. This way we can not only protect our fellow human beings in close proximity, but also help those who need our help in these times. The masks are produced in Europe under fair conditions from certified cotton.