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The RYZON Triathlon one-piece suits for men are designed to provide the athlete with the best possible support as the only garment in the three Triathlon disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. They have won several awards and were developed together with professional athletes such as Jan Frodeno and the highest standards of performance. The Triathlon one-piece suits for men are made of high-tech premium materials. Their close-fitting body-hugging fit optimally supports athletes in their top performance, so that they can fully concentrate on themselves and their performance.


At Triathlon , the three endurance disciplines of swimming, cycling and running are combined. In a classic long-distance triathlon competition, a swimming distance of 3.8km, a cycling distance of at least 180km and a running distance of 42km must be completed without interruption. These three disciplines are completed one after the other and exactly in this order. The distances must be completed as quickly as possible and the time in the transition zones is also included. Changing clothes should be avoided. Because of this, a single piece of clothing is useful, which is used for all disciplines - the Triathlon one-piece suit.

Triathlon Einteiler Herren in Action
Athlet mit Traithlon Anzug Herren


Since the Triathlon includes the time between the three disciplines, triathletes move through the transition zones as quickly as possible and without long changing. Therefore, most resort to a Triathlon one-piece suit during the race. This garment can be worn for all three disciplines and facilitates a quick change from one discipline to the other..

The one-piece suits are made of highly compressive material and thus have excellent hydro- and aerodynamic properties. The thin seat pad in the Tri Suit has the advantage that it dries quickly after swimming, provides comfortable padding on the seat when cycling and does not interfere when running. The Triathlon-suits for men have the zipper in the front area. This allows the athlete to easily adjust it according to ventilation needs. This also makes it easy to put on and take off. So that nothing slips, silicone grippers on the arm and leg cuffs provide a perfect fit.


The Triathlon suit should fit snugly like a second skin so that it does not restrict freedom of movement during the three disciplines. The fit of Triathlon-suits from RYZON are designed to combine comfort and the right compression. The body-hugging cut and close-fitting sleeves provide optimal aerodynamics, protection from the elements and at the same time eliminate friction points. Compression in the Triathlon one-piece is guaranteed by premium materials with a high percentage of elastane and a fine yarn quality.

However, the most important thing is that the triathlete feels comfortable. By testing the Triathlon one-piece several times before the competition, the athlete can be sure that the suit does not chafe at any point and also fits comfortably over the entire body.
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The RYZON Triathlon suits are award-winning and were developed in close cooperation with multiple Ironman winner Jan Frodeno. They have won several awards and many winners of other well-known triathlon competitions have already worn a RYZON Triathlon suit.

On the one hand, the high quality of Triathlon one-piece suits for men is ensured by the use of high-tech premium materials. These usually come from textile companies in Lithuania or France and are produced there in a special way. The special nature of the processed material mixture ensures that the muscles of the triathlete are supported and at the same time offers him a comfortable feeling. The extremely low weight of the processed fabrics and the aerodynamic cut optimize the speed in the race. The taped seams of the men's trisuits avoid potential friction areas, so that the triathlete can concentrate fully on his competition.

On the other hand, the continuous improvement of the products by the RYZON product development team ensures the premium quality of the Triathlon suits for men. The team tests and optimizes until the suit fits perfectly on every part of the body.

The Tri Suits of RYZON have been awarded several times by triathlon-Award and have been repeatedly awarded in the category "competition textile".


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