Category: Sports socks

The sports socks from Ryzon are lightweight and breathable. Made for your top performance. We know how important a tight fit is to allow you can concentrate on the essentials. Discover now.

No friction, no pressure, only comfort

Every detail can improve your training. With the right sports socks, you can support and enhance the functionality of your sports shoes.

Compared to everyday socks, our sports socks offer a better fit that hugs your feet like a second skin. They protect you from chafing and pressure with protective reinforcements at the contact points. The high, double-layered elastic band ensures a snug fit without too much pressure. For added comfort, the soft materials have breathable properties to ward off perspiration and odor. As an added quality feature, our functional socks are made in Europe.

At a glance

  • Soft materials with high breathability
  • Damping protection at the contact points
  • Produced in Europe

Sports socks for better performance on foot and on the bike

Sports socks are not only useful for running, but also for cycling where you can quickly get wet feet or pressure points without the proper socks.

We prevent this with specifically reinforced areas and breathable performance materials. If you want more warmth or visibility in the dark, we have special versions of our sports socks in a wide range to support you with additional functional properties.


+ Why do I need special socks for the Triathlon?

Compared to other socks, sports socks offer a fit that is perfectly tailored to your foot, so they hug perfectly, don't wrinkle, and don't slip. The functional materials protect you from sweat and odor, while reinforced areas on the heel and bottom of the foot absorb pressure.

+ Can my performance be enhanced by sports socks?

If you have to run with damp socks for a long time, it will distract you from your training and weigh you down unnecessarily. In addition, you quickly run the risk of blisters and pressure marks during intensive training sessions if you don't wear functional socks.

With sports socks, you can deliver your best performance without worry or pain.

Why are sports socks also useful when cycling?

You also work hard on the bike, so your feet benefit from the breathable properties of the sports socks. You may not be running, but your feet have to perform at a similar level. That's why you can also use the protection against pressure points and friction when training on the bike.