Ryzon X Zwift Set

Ryzon X Zwift Signature Bike Jersey Contour
Ryzon X Zwift Aura Bike Cap Contour
Ryzon X Zwift Performance Socks Contour


Comfortable bike essentials in the exclusive Contour design.

The Contour design was developed specifically for the Ryzon x Zwift Days of Dedication and selected in a vote by the community. The Contour pattern represents the contour lines of Watopia and embodies the sense of community we can experience with Zwift across all borders.

The Signature Contour Jersey is a symbiosis of performance and sustainability. The front of the jersey is made of wind-protective Econyl. The recycled nylon is recovered through a complex process from materials - such as fishing nets - that have exceeded their actual service life. Combined with a small amount of elastane, the fabric provides a soft feel and custom fit. The jersey's breathable and quick-drying back fabric is made from fully recycled polyester. Elastic cuffs with silicone elements give the lightweight cycling jersey a secure fit.

The Aura Bike Cap Contour is a classic cycling cap. The thin cotton fabric dries extra fast and offers a high wearing comfort, even in very hot temperatures. The discreet vents allow for optimal temperature regulation. Even during intensive units, the antibacterial sweatband reliably absorbs moisture.

The high-cut Zwift Performance Socks Contour offer you an optimal fit. The double-layered cuff absorbs moisture and guarantees a tight fit on the calf. The thin finish on the top of the foot ensures the best breathability. The reinforcement on the heel and ball of the foot provides lasting protection for sensitive areas. The compressive reinforcement on the midfoot ensures a secure hold in the shoe.

The set is expected to be available from May 2021. Want to stay up to date on the Days of Dedication and be notified when the Ryzon X Zwift Bike Set Contour becomes available? Simply sign up here with your email address.