Category: road cycling jersey - elementary garment for your rides

Road cycling jerseys are a indispensable garment for any:n cyclist:in. No matter whether you are ambitious or as a hobby racing cyclist:in on the road. No matter whether you have a Competition or for a Training session sitting on your bike. With the right cycling jersey you can enjoy every ride and get the most out of yourself.


One of the main reasons why road cycling jerseys for men and women are so useful is first and foremost their fit. Unlike regular t-shirts or other sportswear, road cycling jerseys are designed specifically for cycling. This means they have a snug, aerodynamic fit that allows you to move freely and comfortably on your bike.

The jerseys also have longer sleeves and a longer back panel that provides extra coverage and prevents the jersey from riding up while you're in the saddle.

Moisture management

In addition to their fit, road cycling jerseys also offer excellent moisture management. The material of the jerseys are made of particularly breathable fabrics, which reliably wick moisture away from the skin. Thus, they ensure that you stay dry even during sweaty rides.

The jerseys also have special fabric inserts that provide additional breathability and help regulate body temperature.

Regulation of the temperature in autumn and winter

Another important benefit of road cycling jerseys is their ability to keep you warm during the cooler months of the year. As such, there are road cycling jerseys designed specifically for the colder months. These jerseys are usually made of thicker fabrics that are roughened on the inside, providing extra insulation and protecting you from the elements.

Some road cycling jerseys also feature windproof inserts or reflective details to keep you warm and visible in cold weather.

Long sleeve jersey

When it comes to road cycling jerseys, there are several styles and options. One of the most popular options is the long sleeve jersey, which provides extra coverage and warmth for cooler weather. These jerseys are ideal for fall and early spring when the weather is cool, but not cold enough for a proper winter jacket.

Short sleeve jersey

Short sleeve jerseys, on the other hand, are better suited for warmer weather. These jerseys are perfect for summer, as they guarantee excellent breathability and moisture management. They also provide a little extra coverage that protects your skin from the sun's rays.

Road jerseys for men and women

Of all designs, there are always road cycling jerseys specifically for men and women. They are adapted to the respective body shape, for example, with specially cut collars or back parts.

Overall, cycling jerseys are an elementary piece of clothing that you can use to improve your performance and comfort on the bike. Whether you're a pro or amateur:in, a good road cycling jersey can make a big difference in your riding experience. Discover our high-quality road cycling jerseys now. Functional, timeless and responsibly made in Europe.