Category: Outdoor jacket

Outdoor jackets are like a protective layer between you and the outside, which is why they need to be absolutely durable, strong, and extremely comfortable at the same time. Our jackets combine the perfect fit with high-performance materials that help you succeed in all weather conditions, sports and times of day.

Wind- and rainproof outdoor jackets with maximum breathability

Combiningbreathability and insulation is a challenge that we have successfully mastered with innovative designs. Our materials and constructions ensure unrestricted moisture management in sweat and rain thanks to laserholes, built-in membranes or well thought-out multi-layers. Windproof and waterproof outer fabrics of the outdoor jackets meet the demands for every season, weather, time of day or night. When running, it's best not to notice your outdoor jacket at all and concentrate solely on your performance, your speed and your clear head. That's why we design our outdoor clothing to be as light as possible and reduce weight to a minimum with taped seams and ultra-thin fabrics.

Thanks to the ergonomic fit and adjustability in key areas, your jacket will fit perfectly with every movement and wrap around your body in a protective and lightweight way.

At a glance

  • Temperature and sweat regulation in wind and weather
  • Ideal comfort and ergonomic fit thanks to the lightest materials and high-tech processing
  • Can be used at any time of the year

The perfect performance outdoor jacket for every season and time of day

Outdoors remains the best place to exercise. Under the open sky and in the fresh air, you feel free during your workout and your body meets the optimal conditions to function. Perfect for your Triathlon equipment. So that rain, wind, and even extreme weather conditions don't put a spoke in your wheel, you need reliable outerwear for sport that doesn't restrict you and still provides optimal protection. Our windproof outdoor jackets are extremely versatile and can be used all year round in any climate.

Thanks to high-quality, sustainable materials and precise workmanship in Italy, Ryzon outdoor jackets feel very comfortable on the skin and impress with their unbeatably low weight.


+ How do you achieve the low weight of the outdoor jackets?

Our fabrics are strong and functional, but at the same time extremely thin and weigh almost nothing. Thanks to thoughtful design and high-tech processing, maximum performance can be packed into very little mass. In addition, we glue the seams together precisely to save further weight.

+ Can I really wear the jackets in all seasons?

We use temperature-regulating technologies that wick away any form of moisture inside and outside the jacket. With multi-layer constructions and integrated, breathable membranes, we guarantee reliable protection from wind without compromising breathability. That's why you can use our jackets all year round.

+ What do you mean when you say 'ergonomic fit'?

Ergonomics refers to the optimal, mutual adaptation between the person performing and the respective environmental conditions. We have designed our jackets so that you can always count on perfect fit and comfort. The minimal weight and the incorrigible protection in all weather conditions give you absolute freedom in your sporting performances.