Time for a change of perspective

Getting out there in the cold season is not always easy for us.
Yet autumn and winter have so much to offer.

We want to be with you in the here and now. Focus on the beautiful sides of this season. Find your why with us - inspired by the fall/winter collection.

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Signature Thermal Bike Bib Tights
250 €
Lumina Reflective Athletic Rain Jacket
260 €

Combine layers of clothing correctly

The transitional seasons and winter in particular bring with them a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions. But we athletes want to follow our passion at any time of the day or year - whether it's sunny, windy, snowy or rainy. On any terrain.

With the right layering ("clothing layers") this is no problem. Depending on individual temperature sensitivity, we can put together our outfit so that it protects us from relentless temperatures and adverse conditions, but at the same time does not restrict our movements and feels comfortable.

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Fall/Winter Collection

Our tribute to the cold days.

To the passion.
The moments.
The feeling of being alive.

What is your why?