What we've achieved together

What we've achieved together

An exciting and eventful year 2019 is over. A year in which we have continued to grow with you, in which enormous dynamics have created projects that have consolidated our strengths and potentials. We are about to go on a journey with you, on which you will gradually gain insights into the processes and structures of the Ryzon team. With our "Behind the Scenes" Journey series, we will continue to take you into different areas of the company in the coming year and show you what is close to our hearts.    

"We would like to say thank you to all those who have placed their trust in us. Who support us in our vision to place sustainable and fair sportswear in the market. Sportswear that is more than a functional fabric; that gives us all the freedom to pursue our passion unconditionally and with full attention to ourselves and our environment." Markus Konrad

In 2019, we were able to meet and accompany many unique athletes who fascinated us with their story. Anke Esser, who to start anew in Africa through her courage and left everything behind in Germany. Imogen Simmonds, who competed in her first Ironman this year and qualified directly for Kona, Hawaii. But also Jan, who took us live through his record victory in Kona with his passion for the sport and irrepressible will. But they are only representative of all the countless athletes out there, each with their own story, that make the sport so unique.

2019 was a year where we expanded our collection and continued to pursue our vision. We have grown both on a corporate and product level. The Ryzon Tech Lab Division has been constantly working on new products and technologies, developing new fabrics, and improving existing materials. 

"We believe that sport is able to change things and provide a special kind of cohesion. That's how we experience it every day in the office, by doing sports together on a regular basis. I'd like to personally say a special thank you to our team because that's how we can exemplify it together and share it with you." --Markus Konrad

The trade fair season brought us to impressive places last year with unique encounters and great conversations. The event team with our Frodissimo coffee lounge was again represented at numerous Triathlon events in Europe. We are happy to be on the road for you again this year. Even before the season, when countless kilometers were collected on the bike in the sun of Mallorca, we were on-site for the first time with our Ryzon pop-up store and will be again in 2020 from March 15 to May 5.

We wish you a good start into the year 2020,
Your Ryzon Team

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