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Warp Reality // Verge Aero Race Suit

Sports are often all about going beyond one's own limit. Only those who constantly set new stimuli and regularly go where it hurts will get better. Only those who are willing to give their all when it counts will surpass themselves and push their mental and physical boundaries. Where these boundaries lie is largely determined by external influences. By physical variables – clearly measurable, but often unpredictable. For example, very high temperatures during a competition represent major additional stress to the physical exertion. This can severely limit our performance.

Pushing these limits of physics – that is the aim of our small team of product developers. We want to lead the way and rethink products and technologies from the ground up to support athletes in the best possible way. We want to make the seemingly impossible possible. To do this, we regularly think outside the box, draw on approaches from a wide range of scientific fields and adapt them precisely to the needs of athletes.


So, in 2018, we started working on a completely new concept for temperature regulation in triathlon, together with Jan Frodeno. It is true that he has already proven several times that he is capable of delivering an enormous physical performance even under difficult external conditions. But what if an innovative form of thermoregulation could be used to support his body even better in extreme heat? In answer to this question, together we have developed a revolutionary triathlon suit: the Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit. It is the only tri suit to take advantage of the innovative Graphene Gridflow Technology: through highly heat-conductive Graphene Plus printed on the inside of the suit, the body heat is diverted away from the center of the body and distributed over a large area. In combination with the Advanced Compartment System, even cold can be directed to selected parts of the body during the race by stowing sponges with cold water or ice in the pocket guidance system.

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On October 12, 2019, Jan celebrated his historic third win at IRONMAN Hawaii and set a new course record with this suit.

Last year, we were already able to offer the Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit in a limited edition – with overwhelming response. This has given us the confidence to now manufacture the suit, which is quite elaborate in terms of production, in larger numbers.

The Verge Aero Race Suit – available in series as of today.

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Verge Aero Race Suit

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