United In Humanity

United In Humanity

The UnitedInHumanity project arrived at a time when we as a society are facing an unimaginably great challenge, which at the same time represents an enormous opportunity. In this time, we feel that something greater connects us. Something that each of us carries within us. Right now, we have the chance to show that solidarity unites us.

From various aid projects, something fundamental has emerged for us. In times of perceived inactivity, we had the chance to reflect on what really moves us. We as Ryzon, as a community, have had the opportunity to escape for a moment from normality and have been able to express, with the UnitedInHumanity projects, what accompanies us every day in life.



We as Ryzon -- as a group of individuals, athletes, as a growing company and above all as a community -- have seized the opportunity to show what connects us at our core. We see ourselves as part of a society in which everyone can make a difference. No matter how big the impact or how many people we can reach. Small gestures and actions can create big things - this is what the first UnitedInHumanity projects have shown us.

Every person on this planet should have the right to freedom to determine their own life and all decisions that affect that life. Without exception.

It is our conviction that self-determination, freedom, security, and appreciation promote the well-being of all people and are thus the path to happiness and satisfaction for everyone. This is the basis of our daily cooperation at Ryzon. It is the DNA of our common vision.

We live and work in a community based on trust, openness, optimism, diversity, and respect. Only in this way can we achieve more together. We in the team Ryzon are aware of our privileged situation and want to use this awareness for the good of all. We would like to take the chance to carry this message outside and make ourselves strong for everyone who shares this vision with us.

Thanks to your support, we could already help people with the first UnitedInHumanity projects and make our small contribution. Here you can find the previous UnitedInHumanity projects. We cordially invite you to join us on this journey. A journey that is based on solidarity, openness, trust, and that allows us to open up new horizons together. But also a journey that means overcoming hurdles and breaking old thought patterns.

Let us stand together now for the right of every human being on this planet to be free to determine his or her own life and all decisions that affect that life.

Your Ryzon Team

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