United In Humanity // The Tribe

United In Humanity // The Tribe

As Ryzon -- as a group of individuals, athletes, as a growing company, and, most importantly, as a community have seized the opportunity to show what connects us at our core. It is our conviction that self-determination, freedom, security, and appreciation promote the well-being of all people.


The United In Humanity Project came into being at a time when we as a community were facing an unimaginable challenge. We have interpreted this particular time as an opportunity and shown what solidarity means. We have shown what we can achieve as a community and have been the ones who have remained optimistic and shown confidence.  

We live and work in a community based on trust, openness, optimism, diversity, and respect. Every person on this planet should have the freedom to determine their own life and all decisions that affect that life. Without exception. Our values have carried us and together, we are fully behind the project.  

We are proud that we could and can support various relief actions together with you. We have started to use our production capacities to donate mouth and nose coverings to a hospital in Manresa, Catalonia, as well as to a care organization in Wendelstein. Together with Laureus Sport for Good, we were able to support sports-related, youth, social work in Cologne and gave homeless people the opportunity to obtain disinfectants free of charge. In addition, we got the chance to donate bicycles together with the organization "World Bicycle Relief," which gives people in rural regions in Africa opportunities for mobility and, thus, access to education. This insight is only a part of what we have achieved with you so far and we therefore hope for your continued support.  

We, as a team, and every single one of us stands behind the United In Humanity Project. Together, we were able to show that we can create something great that goes beyond the boundaries of sports and our products. Together, as a team, we have become aware of the responsibility and can thus leave this situation stronger.

This is the basis of our daily cooperation at Ryzon. It is the DNA of our shared vision. 

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