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Once again, with your support, we were able to help people who need more care and security than ever in this special time. In cooperation with our Ambassador Leonie Konczalla, we were able to support Hilfspunkt e.V. in Hamburg.

Hilfspunkt e.V. is a non-profit association in Hamburg that helps those in need in all situations of life. The aim is to contribute to the alleviation of poverty. The association is supported by donations and is therefore seeking any kind of help. On average, around 120 volunteers work for the Hilfspunkt. Every day they do the shopping for those in need, prepare and serve meals and offer similar help. Together with Leonie and your support, we were able to donate 1500 Euros and additionally Ryzon T-shirts, which are very urgently needed there.

 Ryzon UnitedInHumanity Hilfspunkt e.V. Hamburg Leonie Konczalla

Leonie Konczalla is a passionate triathlete whose heart for others couldn't be bigger. Five years ago, Leonie first became aware of the club through a friend and went straight for it, making sandwiches and brewing coffee at 7am on a Saturday.

"I had no idea what to expect at the Hilfspunkt, I just felt the need to support other people who are less fortunate in life."

For Leonie, it is not just the fact of making sandwiches or generally offering food that makes her support the association as a volunteer, but there are clean toilets, a quiet place that gives you time out, support with official procedures, and medical as well as therapeutic advice. And all of this is just a small part of what people are able to experience through the volunteers. For Leonie, another important point is continuity, which plays a very important role for the people in need of help.

Ryzon UnitedInHumanity Hilfspunkt e.V. Hamburg Leonie Konczalla

"Many of the Hilfspunkt clients have ended up on the streets due to unfortunate circumstances and mental illness, and in a situation like that, every bit of continuity helps. Especially in these crazy times."

The confidence that there is something to eat and drink at the help point every Saturday morning, knowing that there are people waiting to help you if you have a problem, is incredibly important. The appreciation that comes back is priceless.

Ryzon UnitedInHumanity Hilfspunkt e.V. Hamburg Leonie Konczalla

"I feel on Saturday afternoons that my time in life counts for others, too."

We are proud, thanks to your help, to support such unique projects and to help people who are in need of support from others at this time. Thank you.

Ryzon UnitedInHumanity Hilfspunkt e.V. Hamburg Leonie Konczalla


Photography: Dennis Mundowski

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