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What does our art director Lukas have to do with 71-year-old Karl-Heinz Küster? They both share a love for road cycling. And they are grandson and grandfather.

Karl-Heinz is a former professional road cyclist who, at the peak of his career, competed at the Olympics and grand tours like the Giro d'Italia. That was in the 1970s, when equipment, components and materials were nowhere near as advanced as they are today. When, even at a high-performance level, people still rode with steel frames, cotton jerseys and caps instead of helmets. When the sport was still less commercially oriented. A formative time that Karl-Heinz still remembers fondly today.


"I often think back to my active sports career because those were simply some of the best years in my life. Believe it or not – sometimes I even dream that I'm still racing."

It's hardly surprising that cycling is deeply rooted in Karl-Heinz's family. He has passed on his passion for speed, for many hours in the saddle and the alternation between strenuous passages and a "just let it roll" to his grandson Lukas. As Art Director at Ryzon, Lukas has turned his two greatest passions – photography and cycling – into his profession. Grandfather and grandson regularly go on rides in the Bergisches Land region and enjoy their time together.


"Sometimes we even ride with three generations: grandfather, son-in-law and grandson. I'm proud of that, I need to admit. What could be better than going on those tours with your family?"

Even if the materials are more sophisticated now and his motivation is a different one – Karl-Heinz still loves cycling as much as he did back then. His continued enthusiasm illustrates once again how timeless cycling is. We never unlearn it and if we want to, it accompanies us throughout our whole lives. But the best thing is: it connects us across all (age) boundaries.

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