Tech Lab // Graphene Jacket

Tech Lab // Graphene Jacket

Jonas Deichmann is on the road. At a time when most of us spend our days at home, Jonas is on his way. From Munich to Munich it shall go. Once around the world. And leave as small a CO2 footprint as possible in the process. Running, swimming, cycling -- that's how Jonas will cover the planned 40,000 km. Twice he will use sailboats, apart from which his round-the-world trip will be CO2-neutral. 

The extreme athlete from Germany is a fan of testing himself, of always setting himself new challenges. In the past, he has cycled around the world, seen, and experienced 60 countries over two years.
Jonas and his adventure not only face many kilometers, but also a wide variety of weather conditions. Nights under the open sky, hot temperatures, a freezing winter. And all of this with maximum physical exertion. 

We are happy to play our part in Jonas' adventure. We also love new challenges, like to set the direction. The challenge for us was to equip Jonas in such a way that he can fully focus on his journey. Without compromise.

His next stop: Russia. A merciless winter awaits him there.
Our mission: to develop a jacket that can withstand the Russian winter.


To develop the ideal jacket for these conditions, we used the innovative material Graphene. We have already used Graphene Plus in Jan Frodeno's Ironman Suit. While the goal in Hawaii was to cool Jan down, the task now was to keep Jonas warm.

The jacket, which we made exclusively for Jonas Deichmann and his project, consists of four material layers that protect him from the cold and wet. The newly developed jacket is waterproof, windproof and has a DWR coating on the top that lets the water roll off. The Primaloft Gold Insulation, which is made from 55% recycled microfiber structure, captures your own body heat and forms a thermally efficient synthetic insulation that guarantees thermal performance even when wet. What else makes the jacket so special? An incorporated Graphene membrane, made from 100% sustainable and naturally derived graphene, which provides exceptional thermoregulation. 

Graphene is an array of fine particles obtained from graphite. It is not only progressive, but also sustainable. Our Italian, Graphene Plus supplier has been intensively researching this fascinating material for 15 years and attaches particular importance to an ecologically sustainable production process. Graphene allows us to take apparel for athletes to a new level. Graphene has the ability to conduct heat and cold -- the Graphene Plus membrane used here creates an interaction between clothing and the body. It can transport the heat generated under the armpits, for example, to colder parts of the body to regulate the body temperature. In addition, with its water column of 10000mm, it ensures the jacket is waterproof. 

Jonas has already tested the prototype in a cold chamber at minus 25 degrees celsius (-13 degrees Fahrenheit). Now, we are curious to see how the jacket performs under real conditions and are following Jonas' challenge with excitement. You can do this here follow along.

We are not only athletes, we are explorers. We are researchers. We are curious. We are determined and hungry for new things. We are always on the lookout for challenges and face problems with innovative solutions. 

We follow our drive to develop the most advanced products. We test our creations under the most extreme conditions, during and after their development, to make sure they won't let you down during long and intense training sessions. Absolute challenges, like Jonas', help us do this; they are motivation and pioneers.

Detailed information about the innovative material graphene can be found in this article

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