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Ryzon X Zwift // Connecting the passionate

In a society often accused of being full of prejudices and reservations, we believe in the good in humankind. That’s when we start to notice harmony and empathy in our encounters. Where there are barriers that seem to separate us, we celebrate the freedom and possibilities to connect with each other regardless. In a world full of totally diverse individuals we emphasize the interests and passion we share.

To carry those values into the world and connect passionate athletes, we have joined forces with Zwift. We will launch our collaboration with the Days of Dedication in February 2021. The Time Trial World Series held on Zwift will bring together cyclists and triathletes from all over the world and give them the chance to experience the unifying power of sport. 

United in the spirit of sports.
Connected through Zwift.

Days of Dedication

The first Time Trial World Series on Zwift will start in February 2021 with a total of four consecutive races. There will be one race every week. The special feature: for the first time, each race will be held in multiple time zones at prime time.

A race kit specially developed for the Days of Dedication will be available in-game on the Zwift platform for the race series. Its design will reflect the cooperation between Zwift and Ryzon and our common values. You can unlock the race kit for your garage by completing all four races and finishing the series. The race kit will not only be available in digital form. A limited edition of the Race Kit will be available in the Ryzon online shop.

Be a part of it.

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