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Ryzon X Zwift // Connecting the passionate

We are currently in a time of physical barriers and quite a few of us find it difficult to maintain our social contacts. Fortunately, nowadays we have the freedom and opportunities to connect with people who share our interests and passions regardless. In order to bring passionate athletes together in a digital way, we've teamed up with Zwift.

The collaboration kicked off in February with the Days of Dedication. The first Time Trial World Series ever taking place on Zwift brought together cyclists and triathletes from all over the world and gave us the opportunity to experience the unifying power of sport in four consecutive races.


Days of Dedication

The four races took place every Thursday in February. One special feature: for the first time, each race was rideable in different time zones at primetime. Beforehand, a social ride took place as a warm-up. These warm-up rides were led by Ryzon ambassadors Jan Frodeno, Imogen Simmonds, Nick Kastelein and Ruben Zepuntke. The ambassadors provided final helpful tips for the race and were available to answer any questions.

After the warm-up, the participants could test their time trial skills in the increasingly difficult stage races. Since it was a time trial series, drafting was not allowed.

The stages

Ryzon, Journey, Collabs, Zwift, Days of Dedication, Video Screengrab February 4
20 km, Sand & Sequoias (flat)

February 11
20 km, La Reine (1181 vertical metres)

February 18
40 km, Tempus Fugit(flat)

February 4
43,3 km, WBR Climbing Series Course (1117 vertical metres)

After completing one of the four events, the Ryzon X Zwift Days of Dedication Kit was automatically unlocked on Zwift. This kit had been chosen by the community in a vote at the end of 2020 and is currently also being manufactured as a real, analog limited edition bike set. The set, designed with Watopia's contour lines, is expected to be available from May 2021, here in the Ryzon webshop.


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