Guide to Responsible Shopping

Guide to Responsible Shopping

Every year, Black Friday reignites a debate about our consumer behavior. We believe that we should address this issue every day. That's why we've created this guide to help you shop consciously.

To begin with, four questions that can help you decide for or against a purchase:

  • Why do I want the product?

  • Do I really need it?

  • If something needs to be replaced, could the old product be repaired?

  • If I want to buy something new, is the product available from sustainable, fair labels?


    If you have decided in principle to make a purchase, we would like to give you the following points to consider:

    Become aware of the impact of the garment industry on climate, people and the environment.

    • 3-8% of global CO2 emissions are caused by the fashion industry. That is more than the combined share of air and sea freight(source). Want to know more? You can calculate your clothing carbon footprint here.

    Look at certificates.

    • When it comes to sustainability, independent, third-party certificates play an important role. They certify the authenticity of what is communicated by a company's marketing. At RYZON , for example, we use Oeko Tex 100 and ISO 9001 to guarantee sustainable production.


    • If you're not sure about a brand's approach to sustainability, ask. We're happy to answer your questions. If you're looking for new brands or want to know how sustainable your favorite brand is, check out websites like Goodonyou or ReMake. They critically examine the apparel industry and are your go-to place when it comes to independently evaluating brands.

    Think Twice.

    • Not sure if a product is right for you or if you really need it? Sleep on it again.



    How we at RYZON work to make our products last and help you consume responsibly?

    • We offer a repair service for almost all our products. Should your RYZON product show a defect over time, we can repair it in most cases with simple means. To the repair service.
    • As part of our refurbished project, we offer discounted products that have been repaired, come from returns or have been used for marketing purposes. All refurbished products are carefully cleaned and refurbished by us. 


    We hope that this guide will help you with your next purchase decision and look forward to hearing from you at Feedback. 

    Guide to Responsible Shopping

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