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One step closer to our vision

Dear athletes,

the annual Black Weekend is just around the corner – not an undisputed occasion. We three founders of Ryzon and our team have also given a lot of thought to how we, as a start-up, would like to deal with this event.

s the founders of a company whose actions are strongly oriented towards values such as sustainability, responsibility and honesty, the thought of the annual discount battle initially triggers negative feelings in us. After all, Black Weekend has only one goal: to boost consumption in already saturated markets. Being offered extreme discounts on that weekend, millions of people around the world buy things that they don't really need.
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However, from a start-up's point of view, the whole thing is a double-edged sword and has led to an intense discussion among us, because we are still at the beginning of our journey. We love working in our small team. We love to be extremely well-connected with each other, share the same passion and tackle things together. At the same time, however, we have to face certain challenges at this stage – especially when it comes to ordering and storing our products. Without large investors and with limited financial resources, this requires precise planning. After all, we only want to produce as much as we actually sell in a given period. Our prices are determined by the precision of production, the materials and technologies used and are then calculated so carefully that no artificial margin is created. But this also means that we cannot – and do not want to – offer regular discounts. In return, you receive high-quality products we ourselves are 100% convinced of at a permanently fair price-performance ratio.
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Despite careful planning, fluctuations in demand can of course occur. This has been the case in recent months. Due to the Corona situation, purchasing behavior has changed abruptly: some of our products were in demand in much larger quantities than we had calculated. As a result, you might have wondered about sold-out items at one time or another. At the same time, other products, which are usually among our best-selling items and which we had therefore also produced in larger quantities, were hardly in demand.

This is why we decided to offer a Ryzon Sale during the Black Weekend this year. After some back and forth, this decision is well-considered, because it will help us as a company to build a stable base and come a little closer to our vision. We want to develop the best performance apparel and use our resources to stick up for a better and fairer world.

Discussing Black Weekend we realized yet another important point: we want to encourage responsible purchasing behavior. On the one hand, this means consciously buying products that have been produced under fair conditions – concerning people, animals and the environment. On the other hand, it also means to buy only as much as you really need. This should also be the case with the upcoming Ryzon Sale.
Ryzon_Black Friday_One step closer to our vision
To set an example of humanity together with our community, all proceeds through our face masks during the Ryzon Sale will go to the United In Humanity Project. We have already been able to support various specific projects in the past, just like donating 1,000 masks to a hospital in Manresa, Spain. Together, let us continue to give the word solidarity a meaning.

All the best
Mario, Fabian and Markus

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