Off the beaten paths

Off the beaten paths

Leave everyday life behind and forget the time. Let your thoughts run free. Independent. Unbound. Feel the nature. Wind and rain, storm and wetness.


"The greatest adventures aren't always the ones that are in faraway places, but can be found right on your doorstep."

Get out of the daily grind. Get out of the daily norms and ideals. Just get out to a place where you can switch off. For many, this place may be far away, on a beach. But for us athletes, freedom and fulfilment often lie in unplanned routes on the bike. Whether alone, in harmony with yourself, or with like-minded people. A weekend, a week, or even several months. Everyone plans their route according to their own needs. 


Only the most necessary things will accompany you. The main protagonists: you and your gravel bike. Unpaved roads on unknown routes make the right equipment the most important companion. Pockets on the handlebar, on the top tube, or under the saddle allow you to carry your essentials. Being minimalistic and finding our way back to ourselves makes us happy and content. All the more important is the little clothing we carry with us. Autumn weather requires appropriate clothing that doesn't make you sweat unnecessarily in warm sunshine or freeze through in cold rain. 

Prepare yourself for your own inward journey. Feel the nature that will accompany you all day on the bike. It will make you feel that it is there in all forms. Don't get out of step and enjoy every second on your bike. 

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Photography: Oriol Batista

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