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Fabrics // Merino wool in sports

Merino wool is used in several of our Ryzon products - what at first sounds like a material for warm winter clothing is also an exciting choice for sportswear.

But what exactly makes merino wool a suitable material for intense training sessions?

  • Merino wool has a very low volume weight and is thus perfectly suited for light, flexible clothing.
  • In addition, merino wool is a fine wool, which makes it particularly soft and gentle on the skin.
  • Water drops are initially repelled by the surface of the wool fiber. It absorbs water in drops only very slowly. This feature is known as hydrophobic and it ensures that the clothing repels water, even though it is made of wool.
  • Merino wool supports the body's own temperature regulation. Due to its ability to thermo regulate, the body is warmed in winter and cooled in summer.
  • By absorbing moisture, such as sweat, merino wool prevents cooling during exercise.
  • Wool is hygroscopic. That means it can absorb up to a third of its weight in vaporous moisture without feeling damp. As a result, clothing made from merino wool remains comfortable to wear even when damp.
  • Merino wool is a natural fiber, antibacterial and able to chemically bind sweat. Not only do you sweat less in merino wool, it also smells less even after intense workouts.

In some of our products we add polyamide to the wool fiber. This reduces possible pilling of the fiber surface, improves the care features and increases the abrasion resistance. You don't have to compromise on the qualities of wool: as soon as the amount of wool fibers in the material mix exceeds 50%, the features of wool dominate.

To ensure that your merino wool lasts a long time, follow the advice in our Washing Guide and find out how to best care for your new clothing here.

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