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Lumina Series // Illuminate the Unseen


A light in the dark – the RYZON way

We as athletes become almost invisible in the dark season. To be able to pursue our passion safely on short days and in difficult weather conditions, we have to be noticed out there. Making athletes visible – that was our credo when we started developing the new Lumina Reflective Rain Bike Jacket.

Ryzon_Tech_Lab_Division_Illuminate_the_UnseenIn the process, our Tech Lab faced a special challenge. RYZON stands for clear and modest colors that do not force themselves upon the viewer, which is what most other winter jacket designs on the market do. So, the challenge was to develop something that both fulfills the function of visibility and still meets our design standards.

A jacket made of glass

In its search for suitable material, the Tech Lab quickly came across glass – a material that is used by default to increase road safety. In the form of so-called retroreflectors, it ensures that obstacles, traffic signs and road markings are clearly visible at night in car’s headlights.

When applying the road markings, for example, very fine glass beads are scattered into the still wet marking paint, which then reflects the headlight. The principle of retroreflection ensures particularly good visibility since the majority of the incident light rays are reflected in the direction they came from – namely to the driver.
Ryzon_Tech_Lab_Division_Illuminate_the_UnseenThe same principle is now used in the Lumina Reflective Bike Rain Jacket. Microscopically small glass particles are integrated into the membrane of the jacket. When illuminated, the glass particles reflect the incident light. The jacket thus ensures optimal visibility during training in the morning and evening hours or in bad weather conditions that restrict visibility. This allows us to concentrate on the essential: The moments the training lets us experience in this special season.Ryzon_Tech_Lab_Division_Illuminate_the_Unseen 

Braving the elements

The answer for rainy rides in the dark season. The Lumina Reflective Bike Rain Jacket does not only offer optimal visibility in poor visibility conditions, but also rain protection and high breathability. This is ensured by the special construction of the 3-layer fabric from Italy. The microscopic small glass particles are incorporated in the middle of the three layers, the transparent outer material provides reliable protection against rain and wind. While the jacket appears rather inconspicuous in daylight, it shines particularly brightly when it is illuminated in the dark. Inside the jacket, there is a soft mesh, which makes the jacket comfortable to wear even on intensive rides. 

The three-layer construction ensures high breathability despite the rain- and windproof properties so that moisture is conducted from the inside to the outside. The small pack size allows the Lumina Reflective Bike Rain Jacket to be stowed safely in the jersey pocket so that it is ready for any weather change. The Reflective Rain Jacket is manufactured in Italy.Ryzon_Tech_Lab_Division_Illuminate_the_Unseen 

More to come

The reflective bike jacket is the first product in the Lumina Series. Before the end of the year, there will be a second jacket in the series: the Lumina Reflective Athletic Rain Jacket. Stay tuned! 


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