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Leaving without regrets

The air is clear, we see our breath in front of us. A cold wind blows in our faces and our lungs hurt when we breathe in for the first time. Our heart rate goes up; the first minutes are hard. But that doesn't stop us. We forge ahead.

We strive to get into a steady motion. From the moment we find our rhythm, we don't think anymore. We are simply there, in that moment. We switch off, detach ourselves from what occupies us during the day, and concentrate only on the here and now. And we realize once more what the training gives us: A harmony of body and mind that lets us achieve incredible things.

At some point, you forget the time, you forget the distance, and are completely within yourself."

At the end of our training, we are proud of ourselves. Because we left our comfort zone. Because we gave it all. And because we know it was worth it.


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