Ironman Hawaii // Breaking down boundaries

Ironman Hawaii // Breaking down boundaries

Together, we made it. We have risen to the challenge and given everything imaginable. We created the best conditions for Jan Frodeno to be successful in Hawaii. Jan managed to prevail against the extreme conditions of the island. Together, we have made history. October 12, 2019 will forever be remembered by all of us. Jan Frodeno managed to win the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii for the third time in a record time of 7:51:13 hours, the first German to do so.

The Race

The day starts in grey, with drizzle and thick clouds. For those who know the island, this means a long hot day. Soon after the starting signal, Jan Frodeno can break away from the field with a small leading group. He leaves the water in second position. The 180km on the bike go without problems for the German triathlete. As the first in the second transition area, the midday heat is starting to make itself felt, but Jan manages to extend his lead. There are only meters separating Frodeno from his third victory in Hawaii. But there is one more competitor he wants to defeat. Time. Jan Frodeno manages to cross the finish line first in an unprecedented time after a long, hard day. Congratulations on this breathtaking achievement. An impressive, historic success in probably the toughest competition of the year. Working together on a vision and realizing it in such a venerable way fills us with pride.

The Evolution

For this one moment, we have been constantly developing for over a year and a half to make a fully mature suit specially for Jan. We are constantly trying to improve and evolve to be prepared for all eventualities. By working closely with Jan, we get direct feedback during development. We can implement this directly and incorporate it into production. 

One of the biggest challenges for Ironman Hawaii is the extreme weather conditions and therefore also the thermoregulation of the body. With temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and an average humidity of over 60%, it is difficult for the human body to regulate its temperature and to perform at its best. We have made it our task to develop a suit that optimally supports the body in regulating its body temperature. 

Jan Frodeno Race Suit

When regulating body temperature, it's important to have cooling over a large area of the body. For this reason, we developed, especially for Jan Frodeno and the difficult conditions in Hawaii, a fabric printed with graphene, which extends over the entire interior of the suit. The special feature of graphene is the high conductivity of electricity and heat/cold, an enormous tear resistance, as well as the elasticity. The graphene allows the cold supplied by ice on the torso to be conducted to selected parts of the body. The suit has a double pocket system, which offers space for drink pouches as well as cold packs or ice. The Graphene Guidance System helped Jan Frodeno prove his mettle by regulating body temperature, making him the 2019 World Champion in Hawaii in record time. In addition, the collar has been raised on his suit to provide extended protection from the sun. The zippers of the suit are covered aerodynamically and the aerodynamic fabric established on the arms has been extended to the torso sides.

"The suit was a key component to me being able to manage the temperature in Hawaii."
--Jan Frodeno

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