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Graphene+ // Redefining Temperature Regulation

The constant urge to discover something new is deeply anchored in our DNA. It is passion, curiosity, and the desire to get the best out of everything that drives us every day. To constantly search for new solutions, innovative technologies and to expand our horizons.

This is the basis for products like the Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit – the competition suit Jan Frodeno managed to defy the extreme conditions on Hawaii with last year. Wearing this suit Jan also set a new course record winning the Ironman World Championship for the third time in 2019. In the suit, the innovative material graphene is used, which creates completely new possibilities of temperature regulation. 


The historic moment in Hawaii was preceded by almost one and a half years of research and development. For the development of the suit, the Ryzon Tech Lab Division joined forces with Directa Plus.
Ryzon, Technologies / Fabrics, Graphene Plus by Directa Plus
The Italian company has been conducting research in the field of nanotechnology for roughly 15 years and specializes in the use of graphene, a two-dimensional carbon, as a high-tech material in a wide range of fields and industries. Directa Plus puts particular importance on ecologically sustainable production processes and has committed itself to a strict code of ethics.
Das italienische Unternehmen forscht seit knapp 15 Jahren im Bereich Nanotechnologie und ist auf den Einsatz von Graphen, einem zweidimensionalen Kohlenstoff als hochtechnologisches Material in verschiedensten Bereichen und Branchen spezialisiert. Dabei legt Directa Plus besonders Wert auf ökologisch nachhaltige Produktionsprozesse und hat sich einem strengen Ethikkodex verschrieben. 


Graphene is obtained from the natural material graphite, commonly known from pencil leads. At Directa Plus it is produced using a special water-based process, at high temperature and high pressure - without chemicals or solvents. In this complex process, the certified Graphene Plus is produced, which, in addition to high thermal conductivity, has antibacterial and antiviral properties, offers protection against UV radiation, and is also extremely tear-resistant, flexible, and ultra-light.
Ryzon, Technologies / Fabrics, Graphene Plus by Directa PlusRyzon, Technologies / Fabrics, Graphene Plus by Directa Plus


Directa Plus uses this extraordinary combination of characteristics for its G+ Planar Thermal Circuit® technology. In this technology, Graphene Plus is printed onto the inside of garments in a special process. The thermal conductivity of the graphene causes an active interaction between body and fabric when the garment is worn. When the body temperature rises, the G+ Planar Thermal Circuit® starts to conduct the heat generated by the body from the warmer to the colder areas, balancing the excess heat and reducing the hot-spot effect. 

Ryzon, Technologies / Fabrics, Graphene Plus by Directa Plus


Based on the G+ Planar Thermal Circuit® technology by Directa Plus, the Ryzon Tech Lab Division has developed the Graphene Gridflow Technology (G.G.T.), which is used in the Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit. In a special process, the colorless graphene is printed onto a lining, which then becomes part of the actual material. The graphene is printed in a honeycomb design, which is based on the molecular structure of graphene and functions as a thermal cycle that heat is conducted along.
Ryzon, Technologies / Fabrics, Graphene Plus by Directa Plus

We use the characteristics of Graphene Plus in the new triathlon suit to prevent overheating during competition under extreme conditions. In combination with the Advanced Compartment System, which allows wet sponges or ice to be stored inside the suit, the G+ Planar Thermal Circuit® print directs the cold to selected parts of the body. This way, a targeted and rapid temperature regulation is achieved.

With the Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit, we have created a revolutionary product in terms of temperature management. We remain hungry for more and will be using Graphene Plus in the future to develop further innovative concepts and solutions.

The art of never standing still.

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