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Closing the circle

Our new Arctech Loft Jacket keeps you warm and comfortable on cold winter days. However, in its development, the task was not only to create a reliable companion for all weather conditions but also to take social and ecological responsibility. 
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We have a choice

When we developed the Arctech Loft Jacket, we opted for a recycled synthetic fiber insulation made from post-consumer PET instead of using down. The majority of loft jackets on the market get its warming properties from down. For centuries, the particularly small, fluffy feathers that lie underneath the outer contour feathers of birds have been used in bedding, sleeping bags and jackets because their structure provides good thermal insulation at low weight. In addition, they always return to their original form, even if they are flattened.

However, the use of down is controversial because it is obtained by plucking ducks or geese. Forms of live-plucking, which are based on the molting process of the birds and are largely painless, are quite common in the traditional farming environment. In the industrial context, however, this is practically impossible due to enormous processing volumes. Especially in feedlots, the animals often suffer from poor living conditions and cruel plucking processes, in which they frequently sustain bone fractures and other injuries, too. Due to complex international supply chains and the lack of independent quality seals, it is often difficult to clearly determine the origin of down.

This is why we have decided not to use down in our new Arctech Loft Jacket. Instead, we have opted for insulating synthetic fibers made from recycled plastic from a German manufacturer. These work just like down. Due to their crimped shape, the fibers trap a lot of air and are therefore able to store body heat for an extremely long time.
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Instant comfort in every situation

The Arctech Loft Jacket keeps you warm, even during rain and snow. This is ensured by the water-repellent outer fabric with an environmentally friendly DWR coating, which comes from Italy and is also recycled. An individually adjustable hood, a high collar and practical zipper pockets make the jacket your perfect companion for the time after training. The time, when it is especially important to keep yourself warm and lay the basis for an ideal regeneration.

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