Checkliste für den Triathlon Wettkampf

Checklist for the Triathlon competition

The first Triathlon competitions of the season are coming up. The excitement is building for everyone involved. To take some of the edge off, we have created a Triathlon checklist for the competition, so that you can pack your bag in advance and don't have to worry about your Triathlon equipment afterwards.
When preparing for a Triathlon race, you should of course think about your Triathlon clothing, i.e. your suit and swim, run and bike clothing. But there are also other tips and tricks that will help you in the competition.

Basics for your Triathlon competition:

  • Start pass
  • Identity document
  • Money
  • Timing chip with neoprene strap for attachment if you already have one


Triathlon-Packing list - before the Triathlon-start

  • Warm clothes for before the start
  • Light running pants or something to pull over, e.g. the Phantom LightShell Active Pants for warming up before the Triathlon competition.
  • Triathlon Suit and/or Swimsuit
  • Drinks
  • Bars, gels, possibly something light to eat.
  • Sun cream
  • Air pump for the last check for the bike
  • Mobile phone, headphones

Triathlon-Packing list - Swimming

  • Wetsuit or swimsuit, e.g. the Sonar Graphene Swimsuit
  • Swimming goggles
  • Swim cap, e.g. the Afire Swim Cap
  • Body Glide

Triathlon-Packing list - Change

  • Towel
  • Start number tape or safety pins for fastening
  • Socks, e.g. the Trace Performance Socks
  • A change bag or plastic bag 

Triathlon-Packing List - Cycling

  • Road bike (check beforehand whether the tires are pumped up)
  • Helmet
  • Cycling shoes
  • Cycling goggles
  • Arm Screens/Leg Warmers if required
  • Rubber bands
  • Spare/repair kit for the road bike
  • Bike Bidon (refilled)
  • Bars and gels/other catering

Triathlon-Packing List - Running

  • Running shoes
  • Running cap, e.g. the Aura Graphene Ultralight Race Cap
  • Bars/gels/other catering
  • A drinking belt if required

After the Triathlon competition

  • Warm clothes, for example the RYZON Recharged Series
  • Cap
  • Comfortable shoes/shoes
  • Towel
  • Shower stuff

We wish all starters every success at the Triathlon competitions and are looking forward to the new season. With this Triathlon checklist, nothing stands in the way of a successful first Triathlon. 

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