Behind the scenes // Sport

Behind the scenes // Sport

We, the athletes. We, who walk a path together. It is sport that connects us. It is the basis for us -- not only in the product, but also in the internal corporate culture. It is our common ground. Our balance. At Ryzon, people come together who all feel connected to sport. Everyone has their own individual passion in which they can realize themselves. We are all about creating a healthy work-life balance. We believe that exercise strengthens the mind and promotes a different form of motivation. That's why lunchtime belongs to sport. The hour from 12 to 1 p.m. is free for everyone to take active time out -- whether alone or in a group. Meetings are not scheduled during this time in order to be able to consciously switch off.

We live our products. Through our daily sports sessions, we have the opportunity to extensively test all products and prototypes ourselves. This allows us to directly evaluate fit, material properties, and function. Through close exchange with the Tech Lab Division, we can always incorporate direct Feedback into further product development. Only in this way is it possible for us to create products that really meet the demands of the athletes.

Ryzon enables all employees to use various fitness studios in the immediate vicinity. Whether relaxed individual sessions or guided courses, everyone can choose their own pace and duration. Those of the Ryzon team who belong to the early birds or are preparing for a Triathlon, for example, find themselves in the swimming pool before work. Regular running sessions are also part of the Ryzon daily routine. On busy days, runs are an ideal way to quickly clear your head.

One of the biggest commonalities within the Ryzon team is cycling. Regardless wind and weather, they ride their bikes to work. In the bright summer months, smaller rides take place even before work starts. Often the first ideas for new products are born while on the bike. On cold winter days, the bike training is often moved indoors and conducted together on the roller. Especially for this purpose, a Ryzon sports room has been set up. The community and the common hobby do not end after work. Regularly, a small lap is made on the bike directly after work. Furthermore, there is hardly a weekend without a ride. Whether a small round or a multi-day tour through Germany. 

The result and our experience are purely positive. Doing sports together or sharing a hobby brings us closer together. We are a team. On the bike, running or working. By switching off during sports, we gain new energy again. Our concentration increases. With new ambition and motivation, all upcoming projects can be mastered. After sports, we have lunch together every day. All this brings us together and lets us grow together more and more.

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