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Verge Series Aero Sleeve Tri Race Suit

Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Race Suit

Our premium suit - developed with Jan Frodeno

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  • The triathlon suit with which Jan Frodeno won the legendary Ironman Hawaii in record time in 2019
  • Revolutionary GGT - Graphene Gridflow Technology
  • Sustainably and responsibly sourced Graphene Plus®
  • Advanced compartment system
  • Coldblack® technology
  • Hydrodynamic, water-repellent coating
  • Body-hugging cut with dynamic compression
  • Aerodynamic fabric sections on the shoulders & torso
  • Taped seams wide back pocket
  • Made in Portugal
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The triathlon suit with which Jan Frodeno won the legendary Ironman Hawaii in record time in 2019. Developed together with Jan and tested down to the last detail to enable maximum performance in every element on the special days of the year. Equipped with Graphene Gridflow Technology, an advanced compartment system and premium materials from Italy, the suit heralds a new generation of triathlon suits.

The Graphene Gridflow Technology (GGT), which was used for the first time in the Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit, forms the backbone for optimal temperature regulation. With the help of Graphene Plus® - a revolutionary material - body heat is distributed over a large area. Graphene Plus ® has particularly high electrical conductivity, is extremely tear-resistant – around 125 times stronger than steel – and flexible. At the same time, the material is ultra-light. The colorless material is printed onto a lining using a special process and processed in the lining. During the race, the conductivity of graphene is used to direct cold to selected areas of the body. In combination with the innovative double pocket system of the highly technical suit, the GGT can actively contribute to cooling the entire body. On the chest there is an inner pocket consisting of two chambers. The upper part offers space for the beverage bags. Wet sponges or ice are stowed directly underneath. Thanks to the graphene conduction system, the cold reaches the entire torso up to the main arteries of the groin and thighs. The proven fabrics from the Myth Aero Sleeve Tri Race Suit form the foundation of the revolutionary suit. The aerodynamic fabric on the arms and shoulders has been extended to the torso. The ultra-light main material with microscopic bumps that resemble the feel of sandpaper further reduces air and water resistance and ensures a dynamic, compressive fit. The Coldblack® technology used effectively protects against UV rays and heat in direct sunlight, even with dark colors. Taped seams ensure a perfect fit with no friction points. The seat pad offers freedom of movement and comfort for all distances. Learn more about the development of the suit in the dedicated chapter .

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