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Recharged Series Unisex Tee United in Humanity

Recharged Unisex Tee United in Humanity

Casual shirt in the United in Humanity design

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  • made from high quality organic cotton
  • casual cut and suitable for every situation
  • comfortable to wear in all conditions
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We have the chance to show what a strong community is capable of.

What it means to stick together in difficult times. To learn what we can achieve together if we are mindful. With us and our environment.
Let's make history as those who show what solidarity means.
Let's be the ones who stayed optimistic. Those who show full faith in humanity and give meaning to the word solidarity.

Share this message. Help us help each other. Show the world what we're capable of when we stick together.

Together we can achieve more and set an example for peace and humanity! With this product you support the Ukraine aid of Caritas International to help where help is urgently needed.