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Shadow Series Athletic Tights Men

Shadow Athletic Tights Men

Made from compressive materials and with 4-way stretch for maximum freedom of movement

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  • Comfort meets performance
  • Crafted from a unique fabric from Italy that combines maximum freedom of movement with light compression
  • High-quality material with recycled polyamide and a 4-way stretch
  • Particularly soft and cuddly
  • Developed for runs in autumn and on mild winter days
  • Reflective details increase visibility in the dark
  • Made in Lithuania
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A tight that offers comfort for every workout, yet is breathable and supportive for intense training or competitions. Comfort meets performance. Supple, soft fabric for compression and breathability. For maximum freedom of movement, the cuddly fabric has a higher proportion of elastane and a so-called 4-way stretch. This allows the material to expand in all directions and muscle contractions or natural running movements do not cause the fit to slip. What is special about the fabric from Italy, despite all its elasticity, is its slightly compressive property, which allows for a tight fit and compact wearing comfort without restricting movement. This is how we were able to develop breathable and light tights that accompany you on all your runs in autumn and on mild winter days. Reflective details increase visibility in the dark.

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