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Generator Series Thermal Bike Jacket - 1st Edt. - "Refurbished Product"

Generator Thermal Bike Jacket - 1st Generation - "Refurbished Product"

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Shipping & returns
Shipping & returns
  • this garment is a "Refurbished Product"
  • Functionality and properties of the product flawless
  • This garment has been carefully cleaned and carefully processed
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  • Merino Shell
  • body-hugging fit
  • breathable
  • wind & water repellent
  • laser holes
  • large back pockets
  • made in Portugal
  • made from mulesing-free merino (wool)
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This garment is a "Refurbished Product". It comes from a return, has small cosmetic defects or was an exhibition piece. Nevertheless, the functionality and properties of the product are flawless. We are convinced that resources should not be wasted. Accordingly, we want to extend the life of our products and avoid the destruction of new goods. That's why we have carefully cleaned and carefully prepared this garment so that the usual product quality is still guaranteed.

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