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Generator Series Arrow Bike Jersey Women

Generator Arrow Bike Jersey Women

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  • compact & bike-specific fit for intensive units or competition conditions
  • three combined, innovative materials offer the best possible combination of breathability and moisture transport with simultaneous aerodynamics
  • aerodynamic honeycomb material on the arms and the integrated back pockets minimizes air resistance
  • Bonded seams and special grip elements on the cuffs and waistband for ideal wearing comfort
  • made in Portugal
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The High Performance Aero Jersey combines three innovative materials for uncompromising use on the bike. The aerodynamic fabric on the arms and the integrated back pockets minimize air resistance. The light front material is breathable and close-fitting. Due to the nature of its structure, the material processed on the back ensures few contact points with the skin and thus ideal moisture transport. The bike-specific fit of the jersey is also very compact and designed for competition conditions. Special grip elements on the cuffs and waistband ensure a firm fit. The three rear pockets made of aero material with an integrated zip pocket provide space for essential items.

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