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Aura Series Thermal Performance Headband

Aura Thermal Performance Headband

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  • Ergonomically cut, warming headband for cold days
  • Suitable for running and cycling
  • 100% recycled material from Italy - odor-resistant, skin-friendly, thermoregulating
  • Subtle RYZON branding
  • Made in Portugal
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The ideal companion for runs or trips on particularly cold and windy days. The headband, which is ergonomically adapted to the shape of the head, can be worn alone or under the helmet. It is wider at the ears and narrower at the forehead and back of the head. The ears, which are sensitive to the cold, are reliably protected without the fabric being unnecessarily bulky in other areas. The 100% recycled material is slightly thicker and warmer than the popular Aura Performance headband due to its grammage and a roughened back. At the same time, it is odor-resistant, skin-friendly and offers pleasant thermoregulation.

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