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Aura Series Graphene Ultralight Race Cap

Aura Graphene Ultralight Race Cap

Ultra-light competition cap with innovative temperature regulation thanks to Graphene Plus®

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  • Thermoregulation thanks to graphene
  • Graphene Gridflow Technology - made in Italy
  • quick-drying and breathable
  • high-quality main material from Italy
  • comfortable, breathable and protective against UV radiation
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At the 2019 Ironman World Championships, Jan Frodeno crossed the finish line in 7 hours, 51 minutes and 13 seconds - a new course record. That was the moment we knew we had reached a milestone in the development of performance apparel. The Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit, which uses Graphene Gridflow Technology, helped Jan beat the Hawaiian heat. Now the story of GGT should be continued. We have again made use of the innovative GGT. Namely in the development of a new competition cap. Because when the sun is shining in summer and the extreme physical strain of a race is added, the head - one of our most sensitive parts of the body - can quickly overheat. Just like the Verge Suit, there is graphene on the inside of the aura Ultralight Race Cap highly conductive Graphene Plus® printed. By using cold water or ice, the head can be cooled quickly and evenly during a race. The dark design of the cap is no coincidence: as soon as it is soaked with water, the principle of evaporative cooling takes effect and draws heat away from the head. Another special feature: the cap is made of a main material that you otherwise only know from clothing that is close to the skin, such as cycling jerseys. This makes them extremely comfortable, light, breathable and UV-protective. The Aura Graphene Ultra light race cap. Developed with professional athletes.

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