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Arise Series Thermal Cover Gloves

Arise Thermal Cover Gloves

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  • Warming, wind- and water-repellent cycling gloves with a wide range of uses
  • Insulating and breathable at the same time for ideal temperature regulation
  • Optional use: additional warming and protective cover - reflective and flexibly stowable on the back of the hand
  • Roughened synthetic leather and silicon dots at the most important contact points for a reliable connection with handlebars and brake/shift levers
  • Light padding on the palms
  • Fit: tight and comfortable
  • Elastic hand cuffs for a tight transition to clothing
  • Made in Romania
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Keep your focus, whatever the weather. The Arise Thermal Cover Gloves are weatherproof and warm cycling gloves for rides from autumn to spring. High-quality, lightweight materials from Italy and Switzerland offer protection from the weather. In particularly adverse conditions, the optional cover can be pulled over the fingers to protect them even better from cold, wind and rain. If it is not needed, it can be flexibly stowed away in an opening on the back of the hand. The cover is made of a reflective material for increased visibility in the dark.

The comfortable, tight fit of the gloves guarantees precise handling in every situation. Roughened artificial leather on the most important contact points and small silicone dots on the padded palm and thumb offer optimal grip. The use of insulating and at the same time breathable materials ensures ideal heat and moisture regulation. Elastic hand cuffs form a windproof transition to your clothing and prevent the penetration of moisture and cold.

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